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Why Take Nutritional Supplements?

There are people who hold desirable positions of public trust in the field of nutrition, positions of great responsibilities, including many physicians who give out misleading information about vitamins and nutrition in general.

These people tell the general public that the average grocery store contains all the nourishing foods necessary to maintain abundant health. Nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps you have run into the individual who scoffs at you for your belief in vitamin therapy.

Just remember there are scoffers in any field of endeavor and that their scoffing is merely an attempt to cover up their ignorance pertaining to nutritional requirements of the human body.

Realize that the link between malnutrition and disease is gaining recognition by professionals.


Alley of "IF's"

Now, for the alley of "IF's", and why we need nutritional supplements in our diet today:







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Updated: 05/2018